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Tune in to 4ME, Channel 74 Metro
and Channel 64 Regional, 8:30pm Tuesday Nights 

A dedicated car show for
Car Enthusiasts. A real car show.


Gasolene is now available to over 22,000,000 viewers in over 8,000,000 households Australia Wide. Gasolene is a unique car focused television program for the car enthusiast, a real car show

Gasolene provides hardcore car entertainment & features including Muslecars, Classic Cars, Barnfinds, Informative technical segments, History & all types of motoring events from historic racing to car shows.

Also featured on the program we have running updates on Michael Cursons red hot XU1 Torana and Nascar powered XA GT Replica Falcon.

Together, Producer Michael Curson and Presenter Michael Hansen have years of knowledge in the automotive industry & car enthusiast scene which delivers an informative, exciting & action packed show, a show that must not be missed for the die hard car fan, a show you’ve all been waiting for. In fact you could say that “Gasolene is truly a show for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts”.

There’s no scripting or acting, only a genuine passion & knowledge they have for anything propelled by an engine. 

Tune in Tuesday nights at 8:30pm (plus repeats during the following week) for the all new 2013 Gasolene digital season on 4ME Australia wide. 

Enthusiasts, finally a car show thats made just for you!

Best Regards,

The Gasolene Team

Contact Producer Michael Curson for any further details on 0404026286 or

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